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Offer More High Quality Logistics Service
Save More Logistics Charges For  Shipper

All for customers, all for the customer:
  1, the exact arrival rate reached 100% in the transportation business.
  Transportation business on time arrival rate of more than 95%.
  3, customer complaint rate control in less than 2%.
  4,15 minutes to respond to customer inquiries.
  5,48 hours, handling customer complaints and given treatment program.
  6, 365 days a year 24 hour service.

flexible way:
  1, business integrity, quality and efficient services, and make sure the customer-centric.
  2, regardless of customer size, we cherish every customer commissioned.
  , People-oriented, sincere change really throughout the enterprise service concept, so every employee who reflect our philosophy and spirit.

sincerity and hard work style:
  1, door-to-door service, within the specified time to reach the customer requested delivery location, free home delivery, to quickly reach your desired destination.
  2, to ensure the arrival of the day to reach 600 km and 1600 km three days reached. 2600 km five days to reach, waive the full freight (force majeure) lapse.
  3, timely and accurate feedback of information through the network across the country and advanced management tools, making the transport of goods by the company can be safe, time served.
  4, the full insured transportation, special escort. Damaged, full compensation for lost immediately. Ensure customers zero risk.

rich comprehensive services:
  The company of others can not, we have to do it, others do, and we want to do better, the service concept, dedicated to provide a perfect and thoughtful service to every customer, just a phone we can help you to quickly complete the the goods entire transceiver circulation of process. We have been in the service content constantly enrich and improve to meet your full range of needs

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